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Canopus Infosystems Enterprise Application helped an Oil and Gas Business to Improve Productivity By up to 300%

Oil and Gas field

A case study on how the collaboration of an oil and gas business with a Next Gen IT Company helped them to improve productivity by 300%

We insisted on going for a traditional approach but the experience, research, and data they presented gave us the confidence to move forward with a next-gen approach, that led to unbelievable results.”

— Oil Field’s Owner about Canopus Infosystems

INDORE, MADHYA PRADESH, INDIA, September 14, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Businesses in oil and gas industries suffer from a lot of challenging situations on a daily basis. From exploration to retail, all the operations depend on a number of people and complex machinery. Taking care of it all seems impossible without right partners and right technology at your disposal. This leads to a number of management and production problems.

Something similar was happening to one of the largest semi-government oil fields in Middle East, Asia. Although they were one of the oldest and fastest growing oil exploration and refining unit across the globe, but maintaining a huge amount of data from across the field was a struggle for them.

The need for doing so is undeniable as no decision in a business can be taken without backing it up with data. A slight anomaly in data can lead to skewed decisions that can lead to unnecessary maintenance time and costs. Hence, they started looking for an IT company to help them create a unified data management system.

They reached Canopus Infosystems with a set of challenges and the assigned expert started working on research for the same to come with a solution for the oil field. Approx. 48 hours later Canopus Infosystems presented the oil field with a unique cloud-based application integrated with Advanced Analytics, Business Intelligence, AI and IoT capabilities, that not only helps to unify data from sensors across the field but also notify the stakeholder in case any sensor is tracking something different from their daily tracked data.

The application was aimed to help oil field to optimize their production processes, reduce maintenance and management costs, and improve profit margins while adhering to the industry’s safety regulations. The application delivered helped the oil field to achieve all the target goals and improve productivity. And as informed by the stakeholders, they were able to achieve Operational Efficiency, Cost Savings, and Competitive Advantage through the application’s Insights and automations. They claim to have improved productivity by up to 300% in the past 2 years.

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