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PITTSBURGH, PA, USA, June 28, 2023/ — Brunner, a leading full-service integrated marketing agency, today announced it has signed a partnership agreement with Contentful, a leading composable content platform for digital-first businesses.

In today’s digital-first world, digital content is at the heart of the customer experience for businesses of all sizes across market sectors. Brunner’s partnership with Contentful significantly enhances its ability to deliver exceptional digital experiences for clients. Contentful’s robust suite of services streamlines content creation, management, and delivery across various channels. This partnership empowers Brunner to leverage Contentful’s expertise and innovative solutions, ensuring best-in-class digital experiences for their customers.

“We think Contentful is a perfect fit for us as we forge into the headless CMS world. This partnership allows Brunner to move faster to keep up with evolving customer expectations and new market opportunities,” said Rick Gardinier, Partner of Innovation & Technology. “To build successful customer relationships, content needs to be infinitely composable — easily adapting to new challenges and opportunities as the accelerated pace of the market demands.”

The Contentful® Composable Content Platform makes this possible by bringing the building blocks of content together so businesses can create once and reuse it for any digital experience. The API-first platform integrates easily with data sources and new functionality as digital experiences and technology evolve. With built-in orchestration, a robust app ecosystem, and app framework to easily extend the platform, Contentful frees teams across the business to work together to connect, create, and extend content more efficiently. Contentful helps companies unlock the power of digital content so they can build faster and deliver at scale, making their content a strategic business asset.

“The Contentful partner ecosystem delivers incredible value to our mutual customers, and we are thrilled to celebrate this new partnership,” said Patrick Finn, VP of Partnerships at Contentful. “Nearly 30% of the Fortune 500 and thousands of companies around the world rely on Contentful to help them bring compelling digital experiences to life, to reach new customers and drive revenue, and many of these companies rely on the expertise of Contentful’s partners to make this happen.”

Brunner is an independent integrated marketing agency that’s proud to have Good People, Getting Great Results for Our Clients. Brunner simplifies the complexities of marketing by using data to drive insights and ideas, build their client’s business and help them understand what works and why for their brand. Because of their data DNA, they can serve as a true extension of their client’s team, finding insights that keep them on top of the solution for their client’s marketing challenges today and tomorrow. Brunner is helping to define category leaders across building supplies, healthcare, and finance among others. For more information, please visit

Cecelia Bender
PR Director

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