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AMSTERDAM, NORTH HOLLAND, THE NETHERLANDS, May 16, 2023/ — Bridger, a leading innovator in the investment technology space, is thrilled to announce its upcoming platform. This exciting development showcases Bridger’s commitment to providing cutting-edge financial instruments, and revolutionizing the startup investment landscape for individuals, institutions, accelerators, and companies worldwide.

With a focus on democratizing investment opportunities, Bridger introduces a groundbreaking platform that empowers users to participate in the growth of early-stage startups and growth-stage companies. The range of financial instruments, including Equity Tokens and Revenue Tokens, offers investors a diverse set of opportunities to become part of the success of exceptional early-stage and growth-stage ventures.

At the heart of the platform is an advanced technology, leveraging blockchain and smart contract solutions to ensure transparency, security, and efficiency in all investment transactions. This enables users to confidently explore investment opportunities while enjoying a seamless and user-friendly experience.

To provide investors with a firsthand experience of the startups in their ecosystem, Bridger hosts Virtual Demo Days. These interactive events bring together visionary entrepreneurs, industry experts, and investors to engage in dynamic discussions, witness stellar pitches, and seize investment possibilities. Virtual Interactive Demo Days serve as a gateway to groundbreaking ideas and a unique opportunity to connect with the brightest minds in the startup world.

Bridger’s professional startup ecosystem is designed to foster collaboration and growth. Bridger partnered with Tier 1 accelerators, renowned for their expertise in nurturing early-stage startups. These partnerships not only enhance Bridger’s startup pipeline but also provide a validation of the quality and potential of the ventures within our ecosystem.

The investment platform caters to a wide range of users, from qualified investors to retail investors seeking diversified investment opportunities. By embracing regulatory compliance and working within the framework of applicable laws, Bridger ensures that both accredited and non-accredited investors can access and benefit from our innovative financial instruments.

Bridger is proud to announce its strategic partnership with Fortress, a trusted leader in asset custody and investor screening. This collaboration reinforces Bridger’s commitment to providing a secure and compliant investment platform for its valued users.

Through this partnership, Bridger leverages Fortress’s industry expertise to offer investors a robust and reliable asset custody solution. With Fortress’s proven track record in safeguarding digital assets, investors can have full confidence in the security of their investments.

In addition, Fortress’s advanced investor screening capabilities ensure that only eligible and verified investors gain access to Bridger’s investment opportunities. This stringent screening process enhances the platform’s integrity and creates a trusted environment for investors.

Stay tuned for more updates as Bridger continues to redefine the startup investment landscape with its groundbreaking platform and commitment to providing unparalleled startup investment opportunities.

About Bridger:
Bridger is a leading innovator in the investment technology space, offering a range of financial instruments that empower investors to participate in the success of early-stage startups and growth-stage companies. Leveraging advanced technology, including blockchain and smart contracts, Bridger ensures transparency, security, and efficiency in all investment transactions. With Virtual Interactive Demo Days, a professional ecosystem, and strategic partnerships with Tier 1 accelerators, Bridger provides investors with a gateway to groundbreaking ideas and a platform to connect with visionary entrepreneurs.

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