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Brave Swedish Family Relocates to Sunny Spain, Bringing Nordic Cuisine to Expats

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For six years we dreamed of being able to move from cold Sweden to Spain for a warmer life and better lifestyle. Then we got an opportunity.

MANILVA, MALAGA, SPAIN, September 7, 2023/ — Sebastian and Malin Ingbrant, a Swedish couple, have recently made the life-changing decision to sell everything and relocate to sunny Spain with their two young children. After six years of dreaming and careful planning, they finally took the leap in pursuit of a warmer climate and a better lifestyle.

“When we first thought about moving to Spain, we knew we had to consider our children, our jobs, and every other aspect of our lives,” explains Malin Ingbrant. “It was a big decision, but we were determined to make it work.”

The opportunity to move to Spain presented itself unexpectedly when Malin’s father, who has been running a successful real estate company in Manilva on the Costa del Sol for many years, reached out to them with a compelling business proposal. He shared a business plan for a unique venture—a Scandinavian food store in Manilva, combined with an online platform for delivering Swedish, Norwegian, and Danish food to customers in Spain and Portugal.

“He gave us one week to decide, emphasizing that this was a chance of a lifetime,” recalls Malin. “We knew that we couldn’t let such an incredible opportunity pass us by.”

Motivated by the prospect of starting their own business and creating a thriving community of Scandinavian expatriates, Sebastian and Malin made the bold choice to embrace the unknown and embark on this exciting new adventure.

“We were thrilled by the idea of sharing our passion for Nordic cuisine and culture with fellow expats,” says Sebastian. “Opening a Scandinavian food store and launching an online platform was the perfect way to make that dream a reality.”

Since their relocation, Sebastian and Malin have been working tirelessly to bring their vision to life. They have been actively sourcing unique Scandinavian food products, building partnerships with local suppliers, and setting up a seamless online ordering and delivery system to cater to the needs of their customers across Spain and Portugal.

Their determination and entrepreneurial spirit have already garnered attention and support from both locals and fellow expatriates alike. The Scandinavian food store, aptly named “Nordic Food,” is set to open its doors in the charming town of Manilva later this month.

Sebastian and Malin’s move to Spain serves as a testament to their bravery and resilience. As they continue on this exciting journey, they hope to inspire others to take risks and follow their dreams, no matter how unconventional they may seem.

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