Boycott Tinubu’s Inauguration, US, UK, ECOWAS, Others Told

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Adedayo Akinwale

A former Deputy National Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Timi Frank, has called on the United States(US), United Kingdom(UK), the African Union(AU) and the Economic of West African States(ECOWAS)  to disassociate themselves and also stay away  from  the inauguration of the President-elect, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu slated for May 29.

Frank, in a statement issued yesterday said it would  be in the best interest of the international community to properly ascertain the mood of the country and allow for all litigations and closure on the outcome the  electoral cases in court before lending support to whoever is declared as the authentic winner of the recently conducted elections in Nigeria.

Against this background, he specifically called on the US, UK, EU, AU and ECOWAS among others, to as a matter of integrity steer clear from any form of preparations or attendance of the planned inauguration.

He s said: “As last minute preparations for the inauguration of an illegality continues to dominate the political and social space in Nigeria, we are poised to advise all intending invitees especially the international community to steer clear from any of such events, as more Nigerians continue to disassociate themselves from being a part of this grand conspiracy foisted on the Nigerian people by dubious state actors, using instruments of coercion and manipulation in subverting the will of the people.

“Never have we witnessed such brazen criminality perpetrated by an electoral umpire and the ruling party in disenfranchising the majority of the people by conniving with other agencies of government to ensure victory by all means to a particular candidate.

“The hasty announcement of the Presidential results by the electoral umpire, who is also a major accomplice in this regard, came as a shock to many, when the electoral body itself failed to use its own stipulated guidelines in the declaration of results.”

Frank noted that by blatantly refusing to follow its own procedure in the final declarations of results as announced earlier to all Nigerians by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) boss, it would be safe to conclude that the last minute change of plans was the final icing on the cake in ensuring that the will of the people was subverted and truncated by any means necessary.

He added: “In the light of the aforementioned, I would like to call on all members of the international community, especially the US, UK, EU, AU, ECOWAS and others to as a matter of integrity steer clear from any form of preparations or attendance of the planned inauguration.

“Accepting to be present for this all time charade, which is already subjudice will subsequently give credence to this illegality by the various governments which you represent. It will be in your best interest to properly ascertain the mood of the country and allow for all litigations and closure on this matter before you lend your support to whomsoever is declared as the authentic winner of the elections.

“Furthermore, the support for constitutional democracy as practiced by the US, UK and the EU states cannot be overemphasized. Therefore, the international community must disassociate itself forthwith from plans to attend any inauguration, until the will of the people is expressly determined by the judiciary.”

 Frank maintained that any form of congratulatory messages or acceptability demonstrated by representatives of various countries in Nigeria would further suggest that indeed their  governments are accomplices in disenfranchising the good people of Nigeria of a functional democracy as practiced and preached by their various governments.

According to him, “It will be foolhardy and catastrophic to join in endorsing an illegitimate process leading to the forming of a government, which is clearly not in tandem with your values.

“I will like to therefore, seek your understanding in boycotting any of such invitations aimed at undermining our hard earned democracy. Let your voices be made clear once and for all in ensuring that the proper process leading to the declaration of a winner is followed and accepted by all Nigerians in this regard.”

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