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Bookside Press Authors Shine with Honorable Mentions at the Readers’ Favorite Book Award Contest 2023

Readers’ Favorite Book Award Honorable Mention Seal

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Bonita by Carl Brush

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Aunt Dollie’s Remedies and Tips by Clementine Holmes Bass

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An Occasional Damage of Roses by James Victor Anderson

Carl Brush, Clementine Holmes Bass, and James Victor Anderson receive prestigious recognition for their exceptional literary masterpieces

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, September 12, 2023/ — Bookside Press, a pioneering force in the world of hybrid publishing and marketing, is thrilled to announce that three of its distinguished authors have been awarded the prestigious Honorable Mentions at this year’s Readers’ Favorite Book Award Contest. The awards ceremony, an annual event that celebrates excellence in literature across various genres, has recognized the exceptional talents of Carl Brush, Clementine Holmes Bass, and James Victor Anderson for their remarkable contributions to the world of books.

The Readers’ Favorite Book Award Contest, owned and operated by authors for authors, serves as a beacon of recognition and encouragement for literary talent. With over 1,000 dedicated reviewers, Readers’ Favorite is committed to providing authors with invaluable resources to help them succeed. This year’s contest featured an impressive lineup of 850+ winners and finalists spanning across 150+ categories.

Here are the distinguished Bookside Press authors and their acclaimed works that have earned Honorable Mentions at the Readers’ Favorite Book Award Contest:

“Bonita”, an enthralling historical novel, transports readers to the tumultuous 1800s in the San Francisco region, amidst the chaos of the Gold Rush and the fierce competition for control of California. The indomitable Bonita, the story’s central character, undergoes a profound transformation when a long-held family secret compels her to embark on a journey of self-discovery. With meticulous storytelling, author Carl Brush masterfully blends historical context and the timeless theme of coming-of-age to craft a narrative centered around a teenage heroine, making his book one of the top in the Fiction-Mystery-Historical category. As readers turn the pages of this gripping tale, they will be swept into Bonita’s world, filled with danger, self-discovery, and ultimate triumph.

In the Non-Fiction-Home/Crafts category, “Aunt Dollie’s Remedies and Tips: 175 Years of Home Remedies”, Clementine Holmes Bass invites readers on a heartwarming journey back in time. This captivating non-fiction work pays homage to a bygone era when personal care was intricately woven into the tapestry of daily life, and remedies were crafted from the bounties of nature’s garden. Clementine’s narrative is a cherished reflection of the invaluable lessons she learned from her beloved Aunt Dollie, whose kitchen was a sanctuary of stories, laughter, and ancestral wisdom. Through this book, readers can rediscover the simplicity and effectiveness of age-old remedies that once kept families healthy and content, long before the era of 24-hour pharmacies.

Within the pages of “An Occasional Damage of Roses”, James Victor Anderson ventures beyond conventional poetry. This poetry collection, best enjoyed in moments of solitude and reflection, comprises sixty-one meticulously crafted poems that delve deep into the essence of human existence. Anderson’s verses transcend mere storytelling; they elegantly capture the essence of navigating the world’s perspectives while nurturing a spiritual consciousness that sets them apart, earning him a spot among the Honorable Mentions in the Poetry – Love/Romance category.

These accolades not only underscore the exceptional storytelling skills and literary prowess of these authors but also reaffirm Bookside Press’ commitment to nurturing and promoting emerging talents in the literary world.

In addition to the prestige of the awards, the contest offers authors the opportunity to win a share of $115,000 in prizes, the chance to see their books adapted into movies or TV shows, and representation by a leading author marketing and PR firm. These benefits further underscore the significance of the Readers’ Favorite Book Award Contest in the literary community.

The success of Carl Brush, Clementine Holmes Bass, and James Victor Anderson at this renowned contest exemplifies Bookside Press’ commitment to bringing stories and ideas to life, one tap at a time. As a company headquartered in Canada, Bookside Press continues to elevate its mission of sharing the magic of its authors’ books with the world, backed by a dedicated team of creatives and marketing professionals.

Explore the captivating works of these talented authors and discover the magic that has earned them recognition at the Readers’ Favorite Book Award Contest today. Purchase copies of their books through Bookside Press’ website or via Amazon and be immersed in the rich stories and thought-provoking narratives that these authors have brought to life.

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