BLUETTI AC180 Mobile Power Station Is Looking Forward to Meet the World

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bluetti ac180 endless power wit

BLUETTI AC180 Endless Power Within Reach Anywhere

Bluetti AC180 vs AC200P

Bluetti AC180 vs AC200P

Bluetti AC180 Real Power On The Go

Bluetti AC180 Real Power On The Go

BLUETTI is about to premiere their latest mid-range portable power station – AC180 in Europe on May 15, 10:00 am (CEST).

GERMANY, May 15, 2023/ — BLUETTI is gearing up to unveil the latest mid-range portable power station – AC180 in Europe on May 15, 10:00 am (CEST).

Boasting numerous improvements such as a 1.440W super-fast charging rate, 1.800W continuous AC power, and a peak of 2.700W lifting power, BLUETTI AC180 has been developed for various situations, encompassing sudden home blackouts, camping adventures, and outdoor explorations.

Despite the advanced bi-directional inverter feature and a smaller battery pack, the innovative AC180 remains notably lighter and more portable than existing models like the AC200P and AC200MAX. These two models have already garnered a significant number of steadfast customers.

AC180 introduces a new perspective in this market, compared to its predecessors. An exclusive preview is imminent.

Model AC180 AC200MAX AC200P
Capacity 1.152Wh 2.048Wh 2.000Wh
Rated Power 1.800W 2.200W 2.000W
Lifting Power 2.700W – –
Battery Cell LiFePO4 LiFePO4 LiFePO4
Max. AC Input 1.440W (By Cable) 500W (by adapter) 400W (by adapter)
Max. Solar Input 500W 900W 500W
UPS Transfer Time ≤20ms – –
Smart App Control √ √ –
Price 1.199€ 2.199€ 1.799€
Warranty 5-Year 2+2 Years 2+2 Years

Designed for easy portability, AC180’s dimensions are 340mm x 247mm x 317mm(LxWxH), and it weighs only 37lbs/ 17kg. A convenient handle is built into the design for effortless transportation. In comparison, the AC200P measures 420 x 280 x 386.5mm (LxWxH), and weighs 60,6lbs/ 27,5kg, consuming more space during transportation.

Constant Power in Excursions
The versatility of AC180 makes it a potentially thrilling release for outdoor enthusiasts. With summer approaching rapidly, it presents an excellent opportunity to organize outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, RV trips, etc.
Consider BLUETTI AC180 as a mobile power source. A single charge of the 1.152Wh capacity can cover power needs throughout the day. A simple charge before leaving ensures ample power is available when needed. The highly efficient charging speed of up to 1.440W means recharging from 0 to 80% takes just 45 minutes!

Embrace Solar, Adopt Green
As a solar generator, AC180 works seamlessly with a variety of solar panels such as BLUETTI PV200 and PV350, ensuring solar energy is always available whenever and wherever the sun shines. AC180 permits a maximum 500W solar input, so a full recharge with prime sunshine takes approximately 2,8-3,3 hours. This ensures extended enjoyment and broader exploration without the concern of running out of power.

Greater Power, Expanded Possibilities
AC180 is equipped with a 1.800W pure sine wave inverter for most home essentials or outdoor needs. Moreover, AC180 also features a Power Lifting Mode to provide up to 2.700W output to effortlessly run high-powered devices like kettles, hair dryers, microwaves, etc.
With the integrated UPS function, power outages go unnoticed, eliminating concerns about data loss or hardware damage to computers.

Price & Availability
The eagerly awaited BLUETTI AC180 is scheduled to launch on May 15th at 10:00 (CET), with an early bird price of 999€ (original: 1,199€), positioning it as the most cost-effective choice among models with similar functions and specifications. It’s important to mention that the debut price will remain valid from May 15th to May 31st, reverting to 1,099€ from June 1st to June 15th. The estimated shipping time is around late June. An incredible deal not to be missed!

Since inception, BLUETTI has been dedicated to advancing sustainability and green energy solutions. By providing eco-friendly energy storage solutions for both indoor and outdoor use, the aim is to deliver exceptional experiences while contributing to a sustainable future for the planet. This commitment to sustainable energy has facilitated expansion into over 110 countries and has fostered trust from millions of customers worldwide.
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