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Better You and Friends: Unleashes a Global Movement for Affordable & Accessible Mental Healthcare

Better You and Friends announces their innovative approach to achieving incredibly affordable, accessible and inclusive mental healthcare.

NEW YORK , USA , July 3, 2023/ — Mental health is a critical global concern, yet globally mental healthcare is still seen as a service reserved for the elites and the wealthy. Many individuals lack access to affordable and quality care. Better You and Friends – an innovative impact-driven company – is on a mission to change that.

By harnessing the power of technology, Better You and Friends aims to empower individuals, provide professional help and support, and contribute to reducing global suicide rates. Their globally accessible digital mental healthcare platform connects individuals with professional mental health practitioners, breaking down barriers to care, particularly for lower income households.

The platform provides affordable services that cater to diverse mental health needs, ranging from therapy and counselling to personalised guided self help support programs.

One key aspect of Better You and Friends’ impact is its ability to provide crucial help and support to individuals struggling with mental illness – at their fingertips. The platform offers accessible online resources, remote counselling sessions, organised outdoor therapeutic activities and a safe community engagement, where users can share with like-minded individuals anonymously. The company assists individuals in navigating their mental health journeys every step of the way. This comprehensive approach not only addresses immediate concerns, but also promotes long-term well-being and resilience.

Moreover, Better You and Friends recognizes the global significance of mental health and its impact on suicide rates. By promoting awareness, education, and destigmatization through its platform, the company seeks to reduce the prevalence of mental health crises and ultimately lower global suicide rates. The utilisation of technology allows for scalability and reach, enabling Better You and Friends to extend its services across borders and provide assistance to individuals worldwide.

Better You and Friends has emerged as a pioneering global impact-driven company, leveraging on technology to transform mental health care, making it more affordable and globally accessible.

By addressing the challenges of affordability, accessibility, and stigma, Better You and Friends plays a crucial role in reducing global suicide rates and improving mental health outcomes worldwide. The ongoing efforts of Better You and Friends exemplify the potential of technology to revolutionise mental health care and with that bringing about positive change on a global scale.

Unjust social equilibrium is a persistent issue that hinders progress towards equality and fairness. Recognizing this challenge, Tessinita Okoye founded Better You and Friends, a startup dedicated to addressing the disparities in mental health support and resources. The company endeavours to disrupt unjust social equilibrium by prioritising mental health and well-being for all individuals, irrespective of their socio-economic status.

Better You and Friends is committed to destigmatizing mental health issues and raising awareness about the importance of well-being.

Through their platform, they engage in advocacy, education, and community-building activities, challenging societal norms that perpetuate inequalities in mental health care. By promoting dialogue and understanding, the startup fosters an environment where all individuals can access the support they need without fear or judgement.

By supporting the company’s mission to make mental healthcare affordable and accessible to all, users and investors can contribute to reducing global suicide rates and improving mental health outcomes worldwide.

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Affordable and Accessible Mental Healthcare for Everyone

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