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Automating HR Support – Workelevate Introduces Self-Service HR Chatbot

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The conversational AI Chatbot automates HR support, simplifies processes, & enhances digital employee experience for businesses with a distributed workforce.

As HR leaders navigate the vast potential of AI, Workelevate is an impactful demonstration of how businesses can empower their workforce globally through self-service capabilities.”

— Prateek Garg

DOVER, DELAWARE, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2023/ — Workelevate, a digital employee experience (DEX) solution, has recently announced the launch of its HR Chatbot to manage human resources operations like never before. This self-service conversational AI feature is designed to automate HR support and simplify HR processes, enabling businesses to cater for a globally distributed workforce, seamlessly.

The Workelevate HR Chatbot offers an all-encompassing suite of features, empowering employees with effortless access to essential HR services. From personal information management and attendance tracking to salary slip retrieval, HR policy guidance, and taxation document assistance, the AI chatbot covers an extensive spectrum of use cases.

In addition to its core HR support capabilities, the Workelevate platform facilitates seamless onboarding & offboarding, meeting room bookings, efficient grievance redressal, and campaign & survey management. Furthermore, it fosters employee engagement through integrated communication tools and recognition programs, automating a huge chunk of repetitive tasks while reducing the load on HR teams.

The Self-service HR Chatbot seamlessly integrates with leading HRMS systems such as Darwinbox, PeopleStrong, Ramco, and SAP SuccessFactors. Accessible across devices, employees can engage with the chatbot on popular collaboration platforms like Microsoft Teams, Google Workspace, Slack, Whatsapp, and all browsers.

“As HR leaders navigate the vast potential of AI, Workelevate is an impactful demonstration of how businesses can empower their workforce globally through self-service capabilities,” said Prateek Garg, Founder & MD at Workelevate. “The HR Chatbot serves as an integral component within the employee’s digital ecosystem, enabling leaders to harness a fully digitized workplace that fosters flexibility and operational efficiency.”

Workelevate invites business leaders worldwide to explore the transformative power of the HR Chatbot and experience firsthand its ability to automate HR support and enhance the digital employee experience.

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About Workelevate by Progressive Infotech:
Workelevate is a one-stop solution for end-user support helping people work smarter and provide more fulfilment in business. It seamlessly automates responses and delivers resolutions for employee support queries using a self-service conversational AI chatbot, self-healing agent and a fully equipped admin console. Leveraging 25+ years of expertise in end-user management, Workelevate improves the digital employee experience for better business outcomes.

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