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Art for the Homeschool Mom

art for the homeschool mom

Art for the Homeschool Mom

Art for the Homeschool Mom ~
ritten by Erin Vincent of Nourishing My Scholar

Art has always been special to me. I remember sitting at my mother’s knee as a child coloring in my sketchpad while she sketched a landscape. I don’t know what I was coloring or how it looked, but I remember what I was feeling.

With the sunlight streaming through the window and my mom humming lightly, I felt happy; I felt a connection to my mom that was rare. This early memory is unique from a childhood that did not contain much happiness, and I’ve always held it close to my heart.

As a teenager dealing with loneliness and bullying, I sketched animals, flowers, and doodles into my notebooks. Art was an escape, but I didn’t take an actual art class until I was a senior in high school. That’s when I was introduced to the full power of art and the master artists.

Perhaps that is why I want to share my love of art with my children. It’s a way to bring us together to enjoy our interests and express ourselves in a shared moment.

Art for the Homeschool Mom Post

Art for the Homeschool Mom

Sometimes the children and I lay outside in the grass, staring up at the clouds looking for animals and shapes in the vastness of the sky. It’s a lovely break to take during our homeschool day, especially when it is a beautiful sunny day or in the cool of the evening.

But often, I’ll look up and marvel at that perfect shade of blue or that exquisite rainbow of sunset colors that crescendo into a brilliant orange. I’ll draw the children’s attention to those masterstrokes of magnificence. Then I wonder if I could recreate that perfection with my art supplies.

I’m not a professional artist, but I love color. Sometimes I feel drawn to lines and forms while using a rainbow of colors. It’s therapeutic for me. I can feel my heart sing as the reds, blues, yellows, and greens begin to take on a life of their own. They begin to blend, mix, and swirl to create varying shades of new colors, and the joy I feel cannot be understated.

It is good for my soul and my kiddos to see my happiness in those moments.

How to Add More Art to Your Day

Are you wanting to add more art to your day? Here are a few tips for working in art for the homeschool mom – and they apply to any other passion/interest you might have as well!

  • Keep it short. I try to carve out 10 minutes of art for myself while the children are doing their quiet reading in the afternoon. I may go longer if my husband is home and can look after things for me while I get this much-needed self-care. If you have smaller children or babies that nap, then nap time can be a great time to sneak in a bit of art.
  • That means setup and clean-up need to be short too. As much as I love to paint with acrylics, it’s much harder to accomplish in the short time frame I’ve scheduled unless the kids are doing it with me. I’ve found chalk pastels, colored pencils, and watercolors take much less time than other forms of art.
  • It’s OK to incorporate the kids! If you can’t carve out time for yourself, then it’s okay to let the kids be a part of your art if they want.
  • Have Fun! Remember to keep this moment special. Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee. Maybe have a favorite snack. Make it an art teatime! Enjoy yourself!

Art for the Homeschool Mom

Homeschool Art Lessons

Art has evolved in our home over the years. Instead of being an occasional addition to our homeschool, it has become a weekly joyful teatime event based on current interests!

That’s because we’re child-led and delight-directed in our homeschool. There are many homeschool art curriculums to choose from, but one of our favorites is the You ARE An Artist Complete Clubhouse Membership.

With my children’s vast array of interests, from history to animals to mythical creatures, literary favorites, the master artists, and everything in between, we need resources that provide loads of interests. The You ARE An Artist Clubhouse does just that and gives us 700+ online chalk pastel art lessons

Plus, the lessons are short. Usually 10-15 minutes in length. Perfect for a busy homeschool mom! Setup and clean-up are super easy too – Just keep some damp paper towels on hand.

My children and I can choose to follow the lessons exactly, or we may choose to do our own thing, which happens more often than not with my daughter. She’s my artistic maverick, and I love that about her!

I want her to express herself and her feelings, even if that means her version of art is entirely different. After all, she IS the artist.

Art for the Homeschool Mom

Homeschool Art

It’s okay if you aren’t interested in making art a part of your homeschool mom’s self-care, you can still make art an easy part of your homeschool. Set the table with your children’s favorite beverage and snacks and keep the mood light and fun.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. Art isn’t about the end product so much as it’s about being expressive and imaginative and the creative process it takes to get there.

I’m thrilled to say that art has grown in our home from a simple appreciation into a way to follow our interests delightfully.

For me, it is a form of self-care as well as another way to build connections and memories with my children. Hopefully, my kiddos will look back on their homeschool art education with happy memories of color, fun, warmth, and love.

Art for the Homeschool Mom: Art can be a form of self-care for homeschool moms as well as a form of connection with their children. Check out these tips for making space for more art in your homeschool day! #homeschool #homeschooling #homeschoolmom #homeschoolart #artforthehomeschoolmom #art #chalkpastel

How have you managed to fit in time for art or another passion into your homeschool? What are some of your favorite resources for homeschooling art?

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Weekend homeschool links – Sept 10th

weekend homeschool links sept 10th

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So excited about Mitali Perkin’s beautiful new book about books

Weekend homeschool links:

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Even though this year’s conference season has ended, it’s never too early to put Great Homeschool Conventions’ 2022 dates on your calendar! There’s fresh new info and material every year, allowing you to come away more equipped, encouraged and energized — both as a parent and as a Homeschooler.

And did you know that GHC offers discounts to pastors, military personnel, and families who volunteer? Check it out here!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission from some of the links on this page.

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10 Ways to Get Through a “Gifted” Day In Your Homeschool

Every parent has good days and bad. Every mom has days she wonders if she {or the kids} will make it through the day. And every parent of gifted kids knows that there are just some days when “gifted” doesn’t really seem like it’s that much of a gift. Everything you say is challenged, in […]

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Bluetooth and Perceived Security Threats

bluetooth and perceived security threats
Cadet Gray Conservative Minimal Electronics Social Feed Static Ad

Bluetooth is best recognized as the wireless technology that enables hands-free earpieces and uses the Internet of Things to connect your phone to audio, navigation, and gadgets (such as, IoT). Bluetooth, as useful as it is for productivity and comfort, can also pose significant security-based mobile threats. While most of the issues that were identified five to ten years ago have been rectified, others still exist. There’s also cause to be wary when it comes to new, as-yet-undiscovered privacy-related issues.

Some perceived benefits include:

  • The ability to replace cables is one of the most important advantages of Bluetooth technology. Bluetooth technology can be used to replace a number of cords, including those used for peripheral devices (e.g., mouse and keyboard connections), printers, and wireless headsets and ear buds that connect to personal computers (PCs) or mobile phones.
  • File sharing is simple. A piconet can be formed by a Bluetooth-enabled device to allow file sharing capabilities with other Bluetooth devices, such as laptops.
  • Synchronization over the air. Bluetooth allows Bluetooth-enabled devices to automatically synchronise. Bluetooth, for example, allows contact information from electronic address books and calendars to be synchronised.
  • Internet access is required. Bluetooth devices that have Internet connection can share it with other Bluetooth devices. A laptop, for example, can use a Bluetooth connection to have a mobile phone establish a dial-up connection, allowing the laptop to connect to the Internet via the phone.

As technology advances, phone hackers, often known as “phreakers,” have an even greater edge. The following is a simplified list of Bluetooth-related attacks:

Vulnerabilities in General Software

Bluetooth software isn’t perfect, especially in devices that use the newer Bluetooth 5 specification. It’s almost unheard of to come across software that has no security flaws. It’s easy for attackers to identify new, previously undiscovered vulnerabilities in Bluetooth devices, as Finnish security researchers Tommi Mäkilä, Jukka Taimisto, and Miia Vuontisjärvi demonstrated in 2011. Charges for pricey premium-rate or international calls, data theft, or drive-by virus downloads are all possible consequences.

To protect yourself from these vulnerabilities, make sure to turn off your Bluetooth when you’re not using it.

SNARF Attack

This attack is usually only possible when a phone is connected to the network in “discovery” or “visible” mode. Setting the phone to “invisible” mode was assumed to stop the attacks, however, tools have lately been developed on the internet that can overcome even these settings. SNARF attacks may now be set up on practically any phone. The only guaranteed way to protect yourself from SNARF threats is to turn off Bluetooth on your phone when you don’t need it.


Bluetooth is a wireless communication standard named after Harald “Bluetooth” Gormsson, a Viking king who worked to unite various 10th-century European groups. Criminals should not be able to listen in on your data or phone calls if you use Bluetooth encryption.

Eavesdropping, in other words, should not be an issue. Older Bluetooth devices that use outdated versions of the Bluetooth protocol, on the other hand, are likely to be vulnerable to unpatched security flaws.

To counter this issue, prohibit the usage of Bluetooth 1.x, 2.0, or 4.0-LE devices and require that devices use the most recent versions and protocols.

Denial of Service

Malicious attackers can cause your devices to crash, prevent you from receiving calls, and drain your power. To counteract this threat, make sure your Bluetooth is turned off while you’re not using it.

The range of Bluetooth is far greater than you might believe.

Bluetooth is intended to function as a “personal area network.” That is to say, Bluetooth should not be used to connect devices that are more than a few feet apart. However, simply keeping a safe distance between you and a possible attacker isn’t enough; hackers have been known to effectively communicate over considerably longer distances using directional, high-gain antennas.


The BLUEBUG exploit establishes the phone’s serial connection, giving the attacker access to all of the phone’s AT commands. This allows the attacker to make and receive phone calls, as well as access internet data services. It’s also been revealed that if the phone is connected to a GSM network, it’s easy to listen in on nearby phones’ chats. If executed correctly, this attack takes about 2 seconds to finish and leaves almost no sign of its intrusion. Incoming calls can then be routed to other devices by an attacker.

Backdoor Attack

Another security breach is the BACKDOOR attack, which works by establishing an unauthorized connection to the target’s phone. This attack, on the other hand, works by creating a trust relationship using Bluetooth’s pairing mechanism, but then removes the attacker device from the pair list after the link is made. As a result, unless the device’s owner is watching the pair list at the precise moment a connection is created, it’s doubtful that they’ll realize the attacker is still linked after the pair has been deleted from the list.

The attacker will then gain access to all of the information that a “trusted” connection would provide, but without the owner’s permission. This would allow access to the phone’s authorized data, as well as phone calls and instant messages. This attack, however, is more limited than the SNARF attack because it only grants access to information marked for trusted connections.


WARNIBBLING is a hacking technique in which a phreaker tries to locate and access as many vulnerable Bluetooth phones as possible. To sniff for accessible phones, they often utilize laptops or PCs with high gain antennas and sophisticated software, such as Redfang. Rather than staying still, warnibblers will wander around, mapping as many phones as they can. Some drive, while others move from café to café, but the end consequence is the same: they frequently compromise the safety of huge groups of people.


BLUEJACKING, unlike prior attacks, does not provide adversary access to any data. Instead, a tiny flaw in the Bluetooth pairing process can be exploited to send a message to a user. This is usually innocuous, as attackers employed BLUEJACKING to express themselves, spread counter-culture propaganda, or simply demonstrate their ability to breach a consumer’s security.

Recommended Practices

  • Bluetooth technology necessitates the development of an organisational wireless security policy.
  • It is necessary to make sure that all Bluetooth users on the network are aware of their security responsibilities when using Bluetooth.
  • To fully understand the organization’s Bluetooth security posture, detailed security assessments must be performed at regular intervals.
  • It is necessary to guarantee that wireless devices and networks that use Bluetooth technology are well understood and documented from an architectural standpoint.
  • Users should be given a list of precautions to take in order to better protect their portable Bluetooth devices from theft.
  • Change the Bluetooth device’s default settings to reflect the organization’s security policy; Bluetooth devices should be set to the lowest necessary and sufficient power level to keep transmissions within the organization’s secure perimeter.
  • PIN numbers that are suitably random and long should be chosen. Avoid PINs that are static or weak, such as all zeros.
  • If a Bluetooth device is misplaced or stolen, users should unpair it from all other Bluetooth devices with which it was previously associated.
  • Antivirus software must be installed on Bluetooth-enabled hosts, which are regularly attacked by malware.
  • Bluetooth software patches and upgrades must be thoroughly tested and deployed on a regular basis.
  • Users should not accept any transmissions from unidentified or suspicious devices. Messages, data, and photos are examples of these forms of transfers.

See the bigger picture 

Bluetooth is a wireless technology that can do a lot more than merely connect items wirelessly. Bluetooth version 4.0 offers faster data rates, a longer range, and improved security. It’s critical to create and convey company policies for mobile device security, including Bluetooth, so that your organization’s data isn’t jeopardized and your end users can operate safely while on the go. Keep in mind that mobile devices provide a range of threats that must be handled, and Bluetooth security is just one piece of the mobile security puzzle that is sometimes disregarded. For both home and business security, make sure to include mobile device security as part of your overall cybersecurity strategy.

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Weekend homeschool links: Sept 3rd

weekend homeschool links sept 3rd

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Weekend homeschool links:

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TJEd high enroll now

Are you looking to inspire a book-loving teen this new school year? I can’t rave enough about TJEd High, & right now they are enrolling for their fall semester!

The program has been a significant part of my 17-year-old son Jonathan’s curriculum for the past four years! They read a classic weekly, discuss it via a safe, moderated forum, & receiving video mentoring to go deeper in thought and study. Highly recommended!

Reading Eggs

If you need to add an easy reading curriculum to your homeschool this year, Reading Eggs is definitely the way to go! While your child plays, they will also learn reading basics, all the while leaving your hands free to work/teach elsewhere = a win/win!

Try it out with their four week free trial to see how your child likes it and how much they learn – (a little-known bonus is that their math program, Mathseeds, is included in the trial as well!) 

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission from some of the links on this page.

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IMSI Catchers – Mobile Security

imsi catchers mobile security

Israel was attributed for the IMSI catchers discovered in Washington, D.C. three years prior in September 2019, demonstrating the frequency of these types of eavesdropping equipment. Previously used only by law enforcement to locate the international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI) associated with a criminal suspect’s SIM card for investigation purposes, an IMSI catcher may now be purchased or built by almost anyone to intercept a target’s communications. With such low barriers to entry, these devices are no longer simply for the bad people to be concerned about.

This paper will look into certain aspects to unfold the true dangers of ISMI/stringays, etc. 

What is IMSI and how does it work?

Cracking GSM encryption, passive GSM interception, and aggressive GSM interception are all examples of GSM attacks. IMSI catchers come under the last type, serving as a transceiver and actively interfering with communications between mobile phones and base stations (simultaneously transmitting and receiving). 

IMSI catchers deploy a “man-in-the-middle” [MITM] attack, presenting the fake mobile phone to the genuine base station and the fake base station to the real mobile phone at the same time. IMSI catchers can determine the IMSI numbers of nearby mobile phones, which is the trademark capability from which they get their name. They can then identify mobile traffic on the network and target it for interception and analysis using the IMSI.

Stingrays have become commonly known as IMSI catchers. Particularly among law enforcement agencies, they’ve been dubbed “cell site simulators” or “cell site emulators”, fake cell tower, rogue base station, StingRay or dirtbox. Because the 2G protocol has a lot of security flaws that make spying easier, IMSI catchers will frequently try to force communication over 2G. For one thing, encryption isn’t always necessary. Many of the underlying cryptographic methods (such as A5/1) can be broken in real time if this is the case.

IMSI catchers with more advanced capabilities can intercept texts and listen in on phone calls. They may also be able to intercept data transmissions, such as phone numbers dialled, web pages browsed, and other data. IMSI catchers are frequently equipped with jamming technology (to cause 3G and 4G phones to connect at 2G speeds) and other denial-of-service features. Some IMSI catchers may be able to retrieve things such as images and SMS from the target phone.

IMSI Catchers: How Do Criminals Use Them?

An IMSI catcher thus provides threat actors with a number of alternatives, based on the device’s capabilities and the cellular protocol in use.

  • Location Tracking: An IMSI catcher can force a targeted smartphone to respond with its specific location using GPS or the signal intensities of the phone’s adjacent cell towers, allowing trilateration based on these towers’ known locations. When a threat actor knows where a target is, he or she can learn more about them, such as their exact location within a large office complex or the sites they frequent, or just track them across the coverage area.
  • Data interception: Some IMSI catchers allow operators to reroute calls and texts, alter communications, and impersonate a user’s identity in calls and texts. 
  • Spyware delivery: Some of the more expensive IMSI catchers claim to be able to transmit spyware to the target device. Without the use of an IMSI catcher, such spyware can ping the target’s position and discreetly gather images and sounds through the device’s cameras and microphones.
  • Data extraction: An IMSI catcher may also gather metadata such as phone numbers, caller IDs, call durations, and the content of unencrypted phone conversations and text messages, as well as some forms of data consumption (like websites visited).

Options for Detection

There is no guaranteed way for a smartphone user to know if their device is linked to an IMSI catcher, much alone prohibit connections with IMSI catchers, at this time. Slow cellular connections and a change in band in the status bar (for example, from LTE to 2G) are indicators, however slow connections happen to unaffected users as well, and certain IMSI catchers can operate in 4G.

IMSI catcher detection applications are only available for Android, and they require rooting the device – which is itself a security flaw – in order to access the cellular network communications available through the smartphone baseband’s diagnostic interface. For identifying IMSI catchers, there are more reliable hardware options available, which makes sense for protecting several smartphone users in a single location, such as a business headquarters or military post.

A typical arrangement includes a fixed, embedded system with sensor hardware and a cellular modem for continually monitoring the broadcast signals of nearby base stations, as well as a database to which data can be uploaded for analysis. When an IMSI catcher is found, alarms can be sent to all smartphone users in the organisation.

Upgrade to Efani’s Black Seal Protection 

While this appears to be a catastrophic situation, there is one option that can safeguard you from all of these threats: the EFANI Black Seal Protection. EFANI uses many levels of security and privacy to encrypt your voice, SMS, and text messages, as well as a cloud-based solution to detect, protect, and warn users in real time when an intrusion attempt is made.

At the network level, Efani’s Black Seal Protection delivers a unique military-grade capability for detecting IMSI Catchers and preventing Man in the Middle Attacks. The key strength of this solution is its ease of use. It is designed for cutting-edge protection on the SIM-card level and mass-deployment in large enterprises.

Installing the EFANI encrypted SIM card into your smartphone and answering a few questions to activate is all it takes. The user experience is unchanged, but security, privacy, and peace of mind have been added. 

Perhaps most crucially, simply acknowledging that your cellular connections are unreliable may cause you to reconsider the information you exchange through them. Your security posture will benefit as a result.

In a nutshell

Communication interceptions, service denial, and even location monitoring are all frequent MITM threats. Symptoms of such attacks aren’t always visible, with the exception of service denial if all communications are stopped. Otherwise, if someone wasn’t actively seeking for intercepted communications or double-checking every page they visited to make sure they weren’t being sent to an attacker-controlled domain, they might not even be aware that they were being tracked.

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The Scholar Blessing: 8 Worthy Aims for All of Us

the scholar blessing 8 worthy aims for all of us

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The Scholar Blessing ~
Written by Kari Patterson of Sacred Mundane

My first born began High School this morning. No new clothes or haircuts or lockers or even leaving the house, but this mama’s heart still bursted with pride at watching my man-child stride into this new season: that of Scholar.

Though seasons blend and life doesn’t fit into well-defined categories, I can look back and see the developmental phases: That Core phase from about 0-8 where we learned to read, share toys, and do chores. That Love of Learning phase from about 8-12 where we threw ourselves into every interest, piled up books on various topics, and intentionally ignored most things measured — report cards, test scores, etc.

There’s some transition, of course, but now we are smack dab in Scholar phase and as he began his high school career this morning I read aloud to him A Liturgy for Students & Scholars (p. 38-40 in Every Moment Holy – afflink) and realized all of us could benefit from its beautiful Scholar blessing, regardless of whether we consider ourselves religious or not.

Indeed, tucked within this Scholar blessing, this prayer, are 8 worthy aims for every one of us:

May I learn to love learning, O Lord, for the world is yours, and all things in it speak — each in their way — of you: of your mind, your designs, your artistry, your power, your unfolding purpose.  All knowledge is your knowledge. All wisdom your wisdom.

1. Let’s raise young men and women who love learning. Let’s never lose sight of this top priority.

Therefore, as I apply myself to learning, may I be mindful that all created things are your creative expression, that all stories are held within your greater story, and that all disciplines of order and design are a chasing after your thoughts — so that greater mastery of these subjects will yield ever greater knowledge of the symmetry and wonder of your ways.

2. Let’s help our students connect their studies to the grand schemeseeing each subject as an integral part of a beautiful, complex world. 

Along this journey, O Great Architect of Life and Beauty, bless me with teachers who are passionate about the subjects that they teach, and with mentors who will take joy in awakening in me a fierce love for those parts of your creation and your story that they have already learned to love well.

The Scholar Blessing

3. Let’s cultivate in ourselves a love and passion for what we teach. Let’s work hard to connect our students with other teachers and mentors will also teach with passion and infect our students with this love. 

As I apply myself even to those subjects that I might at first find tedious, reward my efforts with new insights, fresh inspiration, small epiphanies, and with the firm conviction that you are at work in my heart in all circumstances, not only broadening my knowledge, but also shaping my heart by patience, endurance, and discipline that I might mature to more fitly and humbly serve the purposes of your great kingdom.

4. Let’s encourage our students in the subjects they despise, convincing them of the benefits of learning to do their best despite a lack of natural inclination toward their subject. 

Give me a deepening knowledge of truth and a finer discernment of the ideas I encounter in my studies. Guard my mind always against error, and guard also my heart against the temptation to compare my own performance to the work of my peers, and so to fall into either of the twin traps of shame or pride.

5. Let’s celebrate knowledge and excellence and wisdom and skill mastery for their own sake, not with regard to out-performing peers. 

Grant instead that I might happily steward what scholarship gifts you have apportioned me, and that I might do so as a means of preparing myself for service to you and to others, my identity drawn from your love and forgiveness, and not from my grades or accolades here.

The Scholar Blessing

6. Let’s continually bring to our students’ minds the ways we are to use our skills and knowledge to serve our world

Open, O Lord, as you will, the paths of my life in the days yet to come. Use my studies to further shape my vision of what my place and call in this world might be. Begin to show me where my own deep gladness and the world’s deep need might meet. And in that light, let me be mindful not only of my studies, but also mindful of the needs of my peers and even of my teachers. Let me respond with mercy to the failings of others.

7. Let’s model for our students what kindness and mercy look like as we face the inevitable challenges of educational interactions. Let’s make these attitudes of the heart every bit as important as academic excellence. 

Let me be in this school, even in small ways, a bearer of love and light and reconciliation; which is to say, let me in humility be your child.

The Scholar Blessing

8. Let’s do everything within our power to raise students who will be instruments of love and reconciliation in a world so desperately in need of exactly this. 

Regardless of our educational philosophy or the different techniques or teaching styles we employ, let us be all about these eight things as we raise young men and women to make a difference in our world.

Happy start-of-school friends! Thanks for reading this Scholar blessing. Feel free to reply and share your thoughts here!

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Weekend homeschool links: August 27th

weekend homeschool links august 27th

beach 3369140 640

Looking for an inspiring read? My friend Jill’s new adoption memoir (afflink) is a beautiful reminder of God’s faithfulness!

Weekend homeschool links:

Featured Sponsors:
Screen Shot 2021 08 24 at 2.13.11 PM

Wondering how to have those important (yet awkward) conversations with your kids about puberty? Dr. Shelley Metten of Anatomy for Kids makes the process much easier with her age-appropriate book series!

Each one is designed to guide you as this conversation unfolds in your home. Get further details and learn more about Dr. Metten’s approach here.

Fs4t surf filmmaking ad

Don’t miss the chance to sign your teen up for a fun elective this school year: Film School 4 Teens wants to offer everyone in our community 15% off any of their courses – including Filmmaking, Photography, YouTube, and even Acting!

All of their offerings are video-based, self-paced, and family-friendly, meaning your teen can start anytime and can fit it into their schedule. My daughter took one of their courses and it was so good for developing her creative skills!

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission from some of the links on this page.

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Homeschooling Middle School Using Your Own Interest-Based Curriculum

As gifted and twice exceptional children move into the middle school years, using an interest-based curriculum can help smooth the transition. We created our own interest-based curriculum for homeschooling middle school in my family, and it has been an integral part of my teens’ success. In this episode of the Raising Lifelong Learners Podcast, learn […]

The post Homeschooling Middle School Using Your Own Interest-Based Curriculum appeared first on Raising Lifelong Learners.