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Author Describes Bipolarity “Family Disorder” in a Book

Bipolar Heaven and Hell

Bipolar Author Pens His Most Touching and Inspiring Book Yet

YORBA LINDA, CALIFORNIA, USA, May 15, 2023/ — Bipolarity is among those disorders that are often considered a ‘taboo’ in many communities. Many people suffer from it. But recently a rising author describes the disorder differently, saying that it is more of a “family disorder” rather than a “personal disorder”.

George “Many Waters” Davis boldly defined bipolarity and all its other sensitivities in his latest book that breaks the barrier of the disorder. His book entitled “Bipolar Heaven and Hell” gives readers a new perspective of bipolarity that results in more acceptance, understanding, and support to the persons diagnosed with the disorder.

“I wish to share my own story so that more people will gain understanding of this disorder, and hopefully bring more bipolars into their much-deserved treatment – with respect, understanding, and inclusivity in the society” Davis says.

While it is true that many people struggle to identify and understand bipolars, Davis hopes that people will become more educated about the disorder. “Education is the first step to better understanding of bipolarity disorder,” he says.

Davis believes that while many people suffer from the disorder, more families do suffer too – the impact is much deeper and wider as it breaks healthy relationships worldwide.

“When you have dealt with bipolar for this long, you are able to see the symptoms and recognize them in everyday people,” he explains. Davis’ first bipolar episode happened back in 1972, when Davis was part of an infantry battalion deployed in Vietnam.

Davis also retells his personal experience of bipolar disorder and the struggles he went through, especially being sent from one mental institution to another.

Ghulam Mustafa, an Amazon-verified reviewer says, “Davis candidly shares his journey through mental hospitals, his reliance on his strong Christian faith to help him cope, and how he learned to live with ‘being different.’ His wise words offer invaluable advice to those who may be living with bipolar disorder and serve as a reminder that nobody is perfect.”

“Bipolar Heaven and Hell” is now available on Amazon and other digital bookstores worldwide.

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