ATMIS troops devise security strategies to defeat al-Shabab in southern Somalia

MOGADISHU, Oct. 9 (Xinhua) — The African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) said its troops held a meeting with security committee officials in Jubaland State to strategize on how to ensure the safety and welfare of the local community.

The AU mission said the meeting, which was held over the weekend, also discussed the threat posed by the al-Shabab and how to counter the militant group’s activities in the area that borders Kenya.

“We need to ensure the Forward Operating Bases (military bases) occupied by the Somali security forces are well establishing a robust security infrastructure,” said William Kamoiro, the ATMIS Sector Two commander, in a statement issued Sunday evening in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia.

Kamoiro said such reinforcements will provide a solid foundation to effectively counter any potential security threats.

During the meeting, the ATMIS and local security committee officials also agreed to form a task force that will be entrusted with the responsibility of developing a comprehensive plan to mitigate the effects of the much anticipated El Nino rains beginning in October.

“Planning for contingencies such as adverse weather conditions is essential to ensuring the wellbeing and safety of the local population and the security forces,” Kamoiro noted.

The initiative is in line with the ATMIS strategic objective of supporting the Somali security forces to jointly hold priority population centers and provide protection for the local communities.

Sector Two, which has its headquarters in Dhobley town along the Somalia-Kenya border, is under the Area of Responsibility of ATMIS Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) troops.

The local security committee officials commended ATMIS troops for their role in supporting the Somali security forces to safeguard the area despite persistent threats from al-Shabab militants.

“Public security in Dhobley district is good; our forces are engaged in joint operations to deter any attempts by al-Shabab to disrupt the peace and security of our people,” said Mohamed Heybe Muhumad, the commander of the Somali security forces in Dhobley.

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