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Amadeus Code AI Releases MusicTGA-HR, a Music Data Set for Developers with Roland Corporation as its First Customer

Amadeus Code, a music generation AI, releases MusicTGA-HR, one of the world’s largest music data sets, for application developers with Roland Corporation as its first customer.

MusicTGA-HR is one of the largest music data sets with metadata in natural language by professional musicians and video creators.

TOKYO, JAPAN, June 16, 2023/ — Amadeus Code Corporation (HQ: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Jun Inoue) has released MusicTGA-HR, an API for linking with external applications, on June 16 to enable the development of services using large music data sets by individuals and businesses. All music in MusicTGA-HR is royalty-free music composed by Amadeus Code’s self-developed generative AI. By using MusicTGA-HR, developers will be able to easily develop applications such as searching for copyright-free music by text input and allowing end users to freely soundtrack and monetize their own content. As the first user of MusicTGA-HR, Amadeus Code has signed an agreement with Roland Corporation (headquartered in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan; Gordon Raison, President & CEO).

[Overview of Basic Technology].
The Music Trinity Generative Algorithm (MusicTGA), patented and developed by Amadeus Code, is a music composition support system (*1) capable of generating rhythm, melody, and harmony, the three main elements of music, in approximately 9,000,000 to the 50th exponent ways. (*1)

[MusicTGA-HR Overview]
MusicTGA-HR is a music data set of about 44,000 sound recordings that have been refined by humans (Human Refined) from the compositions generated by MusicTGA and further labeled in natural language by professional musicians and video creators. This data set, one of the largest in the world(*3), growing by several hundred songs each month based on search queries.

English version:
Japanese version:
Chinese version:

Examples of MusicTGA-HR implementations
1. App developers providing services for creators using royalty-free music

With the MusicTGA-HR API, app end users can search and download royalty-free music from natural text input that is not musical terminology, and freely use and monetize it with their own content.
For example, users used to have to search for music by genre such as “rock” or “funk” or by technical terms such as “up-tempo” or “minor,” but with MusicTGA-HR, users can easily search for music by the descriptors of what is being soundtracked such as “summer,” “travel,” or “cosmetics”.

2. Generative AI developers/providers can use MusicTGA-HR as a training dataset

MusicTGA-HR, one of the world’s largest music data sets (*3), can not only be used in the development stage as training data for various types of AI, but also in the usage stage to ensure the safety of content generated by end users and to enable 100% monetization.

Case Study
Roland Corporation, the first user of MusicTGA-HR, is a global manufacturer of electronic musical instruments, and in developing the market for audio-visual products, they needed music that end-user creators could freely distribute and use as background music for their content. Roland Corporation has decided to use our MusicTGA-HR for this project.

Product Summary
Product name: MusicTGA-HR
Price: From $170 USD per month (*4)
Contact: (Attn: Funahashi)

*1 As of May 2023
*2 Patent No. 6960674
*3 Approx. 8 times larger than the data set of approx. 5,000 songs used by G Corp. in the U.S. for development of generative AI
*4 Pay-as-you-go based on number of calls

[Regarding Amadeus Code’s mission]
In 2019, Amadeus Code created MusicTGA, a composition support system, a patented technology, and have consistently worked to support the growth of creators by developing and providing services that make it easy for creators to get the music they want.
The company currently operates three platforms: MusicTGA/MusicTGA-HR, Evoke Music, and Power Of Song. These innovative music platforms provide a surprise experience for all creators, enhance creators’ performance, and expand creators’ creative possibilities endlessly.
The members of Amadeus Code are striving to fulfill their mission “to accelerate the realization of a world where everyone can shine through music” by using music to support the growth of creators who will create the world of the future.

Corporate Profile
Company Name: Amadeus Code, Inc.
Corporate website:
Location: 2-14-4-5F Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0061
Business: Music production by MusicTGA, catalog licensing, music IP management
Representative: Jun Inoue

For inquiries
Amadeus Code User Support Team
For more information about our services, please contact:

For interviews and press related information, please contact (Attn: Yoshizawa)

Ayaka Yoshizawa
Amadeus Code

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