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Almost to Oregon on The Push, A Skateboarding Relay Across America for Invisible Disabilities

The Push – A Skateboarding Relay Across America – benefitting the Invisible Disabilities Association

The Push Team in Chadron NE at Helen's Steakhouse on Day 11

The Push Team in Chadron NE at Helen’s Steakhouse on Day 11

Invisible Disabilities Association is changing the way the world sees disabilities

Invisible Disabilities Association is changing the way the world sees disabilities

As of July 3rd, the team has covered over 2,600 miles since leaving Virginia on June 20th, heading to Oregon. Their passion is supporting a great cause in IDA.

The mission of the IDA hits home for me, so it’s really great to be able to support them by doing something I can do.”

— Paul Kent

NEWPORT, OR, USA, July 3, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — The open road is a great place to celebrate our freedom. Imagine a wood board with four small wheels and only human powered. An incredible team of four record breaking skateboarders are pushing themselves from Williamsburg, Virginia to Newport, Oregon in an attempt to set the Fastest Known Time for a skateboarding relay across America,

Breaking a record is one reason for journeying from sea to shining sea and is definitely on the minds of Paul Kent, Miles Kipper, Andy Andras and Rick Stubblefield. And with the great leadership and support of legendary skateboarder himself, Jack Smith and Jack’s accomplished son Dylan, the pushers are providing much needed awareness and support for the Invisible Disabilities Association along the way as well.

People with invisible disabilities are often misunderstood, disregarded and abandoned because their illness, pain, injury and disabilities are not readily apparent. IDA’s hope and the hope of these amazing skateboarders is that people will one day be Invisible No More. Envision with us a world where we will treat and value all people the same, with love and care, regardless of their disability, illness or not.

As of today, July 3rd, the team has covered over 2,600 miles since they left Virginia on June 20th. They will be celebrating the 4th of July somewhere between Idaho and Oregon. Their passion is supporting a great cause in IDA as everyone has a personal story of a family member, friend or even themselves who has an invisible disability and the need to feel believed, understood and loved.

According to Jack Smith: “The team is pushing their limits physically and mentally and at the same time growing awareness of invisible disabilities.”. Each team member will be skating an average of 40 to 50 miles per day, and they’ll be doing it all while sharing about IDA. Miles Kipper noted, “Our trip has proved the IDA belief that we can do as a team what we could never do alone.”

You can follow The Push online at push4ida.org. There, you can learn more about the team and the cause, and you can also donate to help support their efforts. You can also support IDA by Texting “PUSH4IDA” to 44321 or going directly to Push.GiveIDA.org. The team is so excited to roll into Newport Oregon on 07/06 or 07/07. Maybe you can celebrate with them on their incredible accomplishment and also help IDA change the way the world sees disabilities!

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The Push Team – Skateboarding Across America on the InVisible InCourage Podcast hosted by the Invisible Disabilities Association

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