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Ai.Law Introduces Pioneering Litigation Drafting Tool for Attorneys

AI Generated Written Discovery Objections (AI in Legal)

Ai.Law’s new AI tool solves a major pain point for most litigation lawyers: the amount of time it takes to respond and object to written discovery requests.

This tool is so good at producing customized objections and content that a lawyer only needs to try it once to be hooked.”

— Attorney Troy Doucet

COLUMBUS, OHIO, USA, October 12, 2023 / — In the world of technology, transformative moments are rare but powerful. While the spotlight has been on tech giants like OpenAI and Google as they refine Large Language Models (LLMs), an even more significant transformation is quietly unfolding in their wake. This shift is not just about the creation of new models but about the groundbreaking applications that fit seamlessly into our daily lives.

Currently, many businesses tap into AI for foundational tasks such as chat tools, data analysis, and image or video creation. In legal tech, companies are working on drafting contract provisions or identifying contradictory terms. But the horizon is expanding rapidly. The next phase is about embedding AI deeper into our workflows, making tasks not just simpler, but more advanced and impactful. is at the forefront of this revolution in legal tech. Their most recent innovation focuses on a key area of litigation that is time-consuming and complex for lawyers: drafting responses to discovery requests. Drafting discovery responses involves a detailed written information exchange for the lawyers leading a lawsuit. It can take multiple hours for even the most experienced lawyer.’s system is designed to streamline this efficiently.

Upon uploading a Word file with discovery requests,’s tool, in about a minute, crafts detailed discovery responses and produces them in an editable Word document. This isn’t a generic reply, but rather customized, case-specific responses where AI adds appropriate objections and incorporates client-specific details.

Founder and litigation attorney Troy Doucet articulates the game-changing nature of the tool: “One of the least favorite things for any litigation lawyer to do is draft responses to discovery. This tool is so good at producing customized objections and content that a lawyer only needs to try it once to be hooked.” He adds that because the tool produces an editable Word document, the lawyer retains the final say on its content.

As the AI industry continues to mature, new software produced by companies like will continue to shape its direction, well beyond the capabilities of GPT today.

About Ai.Law
Ai.Law is a legal tech company committed to making ai in legal litigation faster, easier, and less expensive for lawyers. By focusing on specific challenges within the ai and law sector, hopes to significantly improve the efficiency of how lawyers work. Legal ai will enable them to do more in less time that will drive profitability while improving access to justice for society.

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Watch artificial intelligence and law drafting together in this video of’s legal ai discovery document generator. Ai in the law will never be the same.

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