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Airships That Can Pick Up and Drop Off Cargo Without Landing

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, June 26, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Aeros, a developer, and manufacturer of Aeroscraft, a Zero-Emission Variable Buoyancy Cargo Airships (eVBA), announced today that they have achieved the design freeze maturity milestone for the eVBA cargo holding & management system.

The Aeroscraft is designed to control lift in all stages of air or ground operations and consists of a built-in internal ballast control, enabling vertical takeoff and landing, as well as hover operation at max payload without re-ballasting or ground infrastructure. Aeroscraft is powered by a hydrogen fuel cell and is capable of off-loading stores while hovering.

The Aeroscraft family includes three models of eVBAs, ML806 with a 6-ton carrying capacity, ML866 with a 66-ton carrying capacity, and ML868 with a 250-ton carrying capacity. They have an enormous cargo bay (ML866: 264,000 cub ft, ML868: 1,043,100 cub ft) with a multifold unrestructured underneath cargo bay opening, allowing for transportation and installation of large oversize equipment or low-density cargo, including Freight Class 500 at full load and ISO containers. This enables the transport of many types of cargo that were previously not feasible by air, avoiding ports and terminal bottlenecks.

The eVBA Aeroscraft features a proprietary cargo holding and management system that automates weight and balance and empowers terrestrial or marine cargo deployment. No ground loading or unloading equipment is required at departure or landing points, enabling efficient cargo pick-up, in-flight sorting, and unloading. The internal sorting system allows cargo to be unloaded at any time.

Aeros’ team is based in Los Angeles, CA. To learn more, visit www.Aeroscraft.com.
For more information on Aeros, please contact us at kelly.tsang@aeroscraft.com

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About Aeros:
Aeros is dedicated to the development, manufacturing, and operation of Aeroscraft’s Electric Zero-Emission Variable Buoyancy Cargo Airships, which revolutionize carbon-free, 3-dimensional transportation. Our mission is to mitigate climate change by creating a global-reach vertical-lift system that does not rely on ground infrastructure and effectively addresses climate-related threats.

About Aeroscraft eVBA:
The Aeroscraft is a state-of-the-art, eco-friendly airship developed by Aeros Corporation. This electrical variable buoyancy airship(eVBA) operates with zero emissions, making it a sustainable solution for global logistics and eCommerce. With its disruptive technology, the Aeroscraft eVBA represents a significant leap in vertical transportation technology and is poised to redefine traditional freight and transportation methods.

Kelly Tsang
Aeros Corporation

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