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A Korean Fashion Designer Contributed to Cumulative 800 Million KRW Sales on WADIZ

Designer Eunbi Park

A cost-effective platform garnering buyers’ attention in South Korea

SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, September 14, 2023/ — Founded in May 2012, WADIZ has taken the helm in reward-based and investment-based crowdfunding, showcasing an impressive track record. Through its substantial scale, a myriad of projects, and significant relay funding initiatives, WADIZ has firmly positioned itself as a premier crowdfunding leader in Korea.

In 2021, MYCOB, launched by TEX CnJ Co., Ltd., emerged as a notable player in the fashion industry. Building on TEX CnJ’s esteemed legacy as a respected Korean fabric company, the addition of designer Eunbi Park has propelled MYCOB to new heights, showcasing its boundless innovation. Eunbi Park, a professional fashion designer, achieved remarkable sales of 800 million KRW on the Korean crowdfunding platform WADIZ, consistently delivering outstanding results across three seasons, spanning 22 Spring-Summer (S/S), Fall-Winter (F/W), and 23 (S/S) Collection.

The remarkable accomplishments of MYCOB underscore the brand’s outstanding growth strategy pioneered by a single designer, a feat made even more impressive in the challenging landscape of the pandemic. Notably, MYCOB’s slack pants alone achieved sales of 300 million KRW, a significant portion of the brand’s overall cumulative sales of 800 million KRW.

Eunbi Park’s successful career is defined by her dedication to environmentally conscious fashion principles. She has lent her talents as a production designer to PARTsPARTs, a renowned luxury Korean fashion brand, actively contributing to the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

Furthermore, Eunbi Park has made significant contributions to various projects, including Seoul Fashion Week 2019 Fall-Winter (F/W) and the 2019 Spring-Summer (S/S) Collection. While serving as the head designer at DEMADEN, a Korean denim rock & chic fashion brand, her designs graced celebrities such as Jihyo Han (a Korean actress), Hyun Lee (a Korean singer), and the popular creator Shindo Kim, who has over 500K followers on YouTube under the channel name as SINCOOK.

Through strategic collaborations with diverse influencers, Eunbi Park has cultivated her standing as an adaptable designer. Upon her work at MYCOB, the significance of influencer partnerships was recognized by her in elevating brand and product visibility.

While WADIZ achieved notable success through influencer collaborations, TEX CnJ’s distinctive fabrics and timeless standards have been the cornerstone of its success. Eunbi Park, emphasizing the significance of a fashion sensibility that resonates with consumers across various markets, has prioritized understanding and empathizing with customer preferences.

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