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200 African figures call for expulsion of Zionists from AU

200 african figures call for expulsion of zionists from au

Condemning Zionist membership in the African Union, the prominent figures said it was against the union’s interests, Al-Mayadeen reported.

These African figures have called on the people of the African continent to launch a campaign against the Zionist regime.

Members of the Global Campaign to Return to Palestine are said to have launched the petition.

The petitioners are prominent social figures, political parties, religious centers, academics, intellectuals, and media activists from various African countries.

They stressed that the issue of Palestine is also of the African continent.

The Global Campaign to Return to Palestine was officially established on the Day of Return, on 15 May 2013, though it had been operating long before. More than 45 events were arranged around the world in affiliation with international NGOs that support the Palestinian Cause.


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