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2 Book Bundle and Press Reviews for You

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Dear book presale backers,

The manuscript is in the final stages of copy-editing and is on schedule despite my personal engagements. We are still on track for a winter/spring book mailing by my birthday on February 28th.  Below are snippets of the book.

Video on Advising Inclusive Innovators: How NewChip Mentors Are Impacting Startups


“Society often forgives the criminal; it never forgives the dreamer. The beautiful sterile emotions that art excites in us are hateful in its eyes, and so completely are people dominated by the tyranny of this dreadful social ideal that they are always coming shamelessly up to one at Private Views and other places that are open to the general public, and saying in a loud stentorian voice, ‘What are you doing?’ whereas ‘What are you thinking?’ is the only question that any single civilized being should ever be allowed to whisper to another. They mean well, no doubt, these honest beaming folk. Perhaps that is the reason why they are so excessively tedious. But someone should teach them that while, in the opinion of society, Contemplation is the gravest sin of which any citizen can be guilty, in the opinion of the highest culture it is the proper occupation of man.” 

– Oscar Wilde (Book: In Praise of Disobedience)


To my love and family:

The world is yours and dreams do come true.

Trust Culture,


Book Club Bundle for my 2 books: https://thepearldream.com/product/2-books-cashless-society-101-the-last-digital-frontier/

  1. Cashless Society 101

    A Practical (Values to Action) Guide to Ethical Leadership and Inclusive Innovation

  2. The Last Digital Frontier

    The History and Future of Science and Technology in Africa

P.S As the BETA readers are now done, I am in need of early reviews from experts, backers, the press, and more. Email me directly at cashlesssociety@thepearldream.com to read a chapter of your choice or the complete manuscript and share your early reader review that may be included in the book promotion material. Podcast and or press and library or book store introductions are also welcome. Join us at www.brianasingia.com @brianasingia #AskAsingia

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