Unlocking Your Benefits Across Media, Finance, Insurance, and Cutting-Edge

DevOps, AI and ML Technology.

  • Schedule your 15-minute complimentary Quarterly Business Assessment to review any of the following areas:
  • Technology Gaps, and Business Needs Assessment
  • HR Benefits Gaps, and Employee Needs Assessment
  • Financial Literacy, and Wealth Management Options Assessment

*A business needs assessment report shall be delivered to decision makers after the meeting.


What We Do?

Creative Media & Branding Solutions

Media: Authentic multimedia storytelling and brand placements across 160 countries on mobile, web and tv from text to audio, video as well XR (webAR/VR).

Finanancial Strategy

Partners, Experts and Advisors who shall be part of your family, business, employees and global public private institutions Tax, Health and Wealth journey from strategic value alignment to a secure legacy.

Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory.

Join the global syndicate of investors and M&A deal makers funding the next generation of inclusive innovators across Education, FinTech and HealthTech.

Strategic Industry Research

Digital Twins strategy and adoption for both private enterprises and government to meet increasing national security concerns and business continuity demands.

DevOpsSec OnCall Strategy

Global management consulting across enterprise software, digital twins, as well as emerging technologies.

AI & Machine Learning Strategy

AI/ML Research, Design, Visual Storytelling including 3D Reports, Predictive Modeling, and Real Time Analytics.

About the The Pearl Dream Inc

Consultancy & Advisory

As a trusted, minority owned business, and certified diversity supplier, The Pearl Dream offers remote, U.S.-based technology management consulting services (DevOpsSec OnCall) at competitive GSA indexed rates to organizations and institutions who align with our ethical leadership and inclusive innovation values.  The Pearl Dream boasts decades of experienced service delivery to both large and small public private institutions from Wall Street to main street as well as local, city, state, and federal government(s) 

  • Our vision: An Ethical and Inclusive Society.
  • Our Mission:  Train, advise, and support ethical intrapreneurial leaders to launch, grow, and scale inclusive innovations and services globally across cultures and borders.


Global Vendor RFP Platforms

Our Services

Consulting Cases

Media: TED/Annecy Featured Branded Media Platform & Creator Ecosystem

As seen on TED/Annecy, proven Communication and Brand Strategy for local and global brands to unlock value from both new and existing audiences across cultures and borders from print to digital, on and offline across 160 countries. DataStories by Digital Twins experts: AI/ML Research, Design, Visual Storytelling including 3D Reports, Predictive Modeling, and Real Time Analytics.

Technology: Management Consulting with HR Benefits and Insurance

24×7 Technology (DevOpsSec OnCall), and Advisory support with dedicated onshore & offshore resources across popular time zones. Multi-Cloud Hosting partners (AWS, Azure, Google, Alibaba and more), State-of-the-art Network or Data Operations Center (NOC), and Security Operations Center (SOC) as a Service. Ethical Hacking Trained & Certified Workforce for encrypted data storage, transfer, security, and recovery.

Advisory: Digital Twins Strategy, and Proprietary Industry Research

Published industry experts for business strategy, executive consulting/advisory board, M&A, and or succession planning from HR benefits to estate planning. Proprietary historical, current, and predictive insights for leading executives and innovators backed by an Ethical Leadership & Inclusive Innovation value system.

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