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#1 Multicultural Streaming Platform with Animations, Shorts, Docs, Films, 360/webAR/VR from Around the World in Any Language and Culture.

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Multilingual. Multicultural. Multiplatform. Stream everything, anytime, everywhere! On and Offline.

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Audio, Animations, Films from all over the world in any culture or language. Stream anytime, Everywhere!

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Animations and films from all over the world!

Any culture, location or language.

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Mobile Phone, Tablet, Chromebook, SmartTV, and FireStick or Chromecast Ready including Offline Access by Nucleos!

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From free to monthly to annual and bulk subscriptions for brands and instititutions, DreamGalaxy is the most inclusive and accessible streaming platform designed with your location, language and culture in mind!



  • 10% free stories
  • Full access for public schools and libraries
  • Online and Offline
  • New Monthly Content
  • Free for Content Partners



  • 10% free stories
  • Every 100 Subscribers = Full access for 1 public school or library*
  • Online and Offline
  • New Weekly Content
  • Free for Content Partners



  • 10% free stories
  • Every 10 Subscribers = Full access for 1 public school or library*
  • Online and Offline
  • New Daily Content
  • Free for Content Partners



  • 1 Nucleos Offline Access Device
  • 1 year IT support sponsored by trusted brands
  • 10-50 devices per local Nucleos offline network
  • Monthly content updates
  • Free Access for Public Schools and Libraries with Nucleos*